The Kerouac Conundrum

I have a dilemma. To review books, I need to read books. But I can’t just review books by the same author. Or can I? No, I can’t. That would be boring for everyone. But this is where my problems begin. See photo below…


I have all these lovely new Kerouac books and I want to read them all, but now I am reviewing everything I read I can’t just power through them like any normal human being. Sure I read On the Road long ago so that’s not an issue but the rest of them? They look at me in my bed at night begging to be picked up and read. Those appealing black and white photos of the man in his prime (big up Penguin, they’ve nailed all the front covers to Kerouac’s books). Enticing back covers with tales of freedom and true insights to the man himself… They call to me. So I’m reading Desolation Angels, and sometime next week you will get to hear all about it, but after that I’m going to have to rein myself in and start a system.  I am going to alternate between Kerouac and everyone else. Purely for your sake I tell you. If it was up to me and I didn’t have to think about you, I would not be showing this mercy. This compassion. The hipster inside of me says

‘Screw them, they’ll dig it.’

But the voice of reason reminds me that for you laymen there is such a thing as too much Kerouac.

So anyway, this is fair warning. You can expect a fair few Kerouac posts over the coming months. Not that it should be a problem; I mean everyone loves Kerouac don’t they? No? Well I do so you can all put up with him and maybe by the end you will too…Or perhaps the world will turn upside down and I won’t.

Hello Junkies

The first post. Always the hardest, therefore I will not drag it on for the sake of the word count. What I will say is that I hope that anyone reading finds the site navigable (customizing blogs is not my forte) and indeed the content enjoyable. Now, what you can expect to be posted on this is probably exactly what you would think from the title; musings on, well books. I am going to publish my own reviews on all the books I read and whilst I read these books, any old posts that I feel relevant. Now whilst I get on with some reading so that you have something to read, I leave you with a quote from one of my favourite authors,

“And if there is anybody out there who feels crazy enough to want to become a writer, I’d say go ahead, spit in the eye of the sun, hit those keys, it’s the best madness going, the centuries need help, the species cry for light and gamble and laughter. Give it to them. There are words enough for all of us.”

– Charles Bukowski

I hope you enjoy yourself on this site and please feel free to contact me with any queries or qualms.


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