The Unknowns – Gabriel Roth

I’m telling you straight up, this post will be short. Not because I can’t be bothered to cover the book properly or anything like that but for the simple reason, I just don’t think it’s worth the time of day.


                The potential was there – the reviews decent enough, the comment from Sebastian Faulks, ‘Fast, funny, full of snappy dialogue, and never losing its poise. Gabriel Roth is a find.’ Even the the book itself was a good looking one and I won’t lie, I was looking forward to it, and maybe unearthing a new favourite author. Unfortunately I didn’t.

It started strongly, but I suppose every book does in its own way, and I got into it pretty quickly. The first chapter captivated me and I rushed on, even more hopeful. However it wasn’t much later that I felt my attention begin to waver. The overly neurotic lead character annoyed me. Now I know such a person probably does think like this but to see it on the page in such a way about ridiculous things just didn’t seem right to me, and instead of sympathising with him I just got angry.

It wasn’t just him who annoyed me, pretty much all the characters did. None of them felt real, whether it was the lead and his supposed millionaire status (this just seemed ridiculous all the way through as he would keep saying things like ‘when should I tell her I’m rich), his reporter girlfriend, or the recently ‘out’ lesbian Cynthia. It all felt caricatured and stereotyped.

Gabe Roth

In the end I was left wholly unsatisfied, rushing through the second half just so I could move on to the next, and hopefully better read. Promises made on the cover (‘Will our hero be driven to uncover the whole truth about his lover – or will they continue in bliss and wonder?’) were not kept and to be honest nothing really happened. Actually the word ‘hero’ there is absolutely ridiculous. And then it just ends. The ‘climax’ is reached and the book is suddenly over. It’s not that it prematurely ejaculates; more that it never even gets the chance to get close enough to pussy to even have the chance. For that to happen you need to be turned on, and this just won’t get you there.

Rant over.

Move on.


(P.S. I know it says I’m currently reading World War Z and that review is just around the corner but I’m just waiting on my copy to come back so I can check a few details before posting…)

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