Welcome to the musings of a book junkie, the blog where you get to read all of my ramblings on books. I hope you find it enjoyable, I of course will try to make it so.

I like reading, I like books. A lot. In fact why beat around the bush, I love them. I need them. I’ve got to have my daily fix as much as the next addict does, regardless of the drug of choice.

Why else create such a blog as this? I’ve reached the height of my addiction and it is no longer enough to simply read a book and chat about it for a few minutes to whoever will give me the time of day. These people are getting few and far between. No, it’s time to spread my wings and TELL EVERYONE, whether they like it or not. As I read my way through my ever expanding collection I will update you with reviews on how I enjoyed each book and so on and so forth. In between reviews I’ll post anything that I come across that feels relevant (and just maybe one or two things that aren’t so much so…). Just so you don’t forget about me.

I hope you can enjoy everything you read on here and ultimately, all I want is for those of you out there who wouldn’t normally read much, to go out and buy some of these books having read about them on this blog and thought ‘Yeah, that actually sounds pretty good.’

So go on , keep an open mind and maybe you will enjoy some reading as I do.


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